Lifetime Needs Plus Plan


The Lifetime Needs Plus is designed to provide the member with the means of contributing to an investment fund which can meet the members’ life needs such as child education, retirement etc. and in addition also provide a life cover which becomes payable to the beneficiary in the event of the demise of the Life assured. 


  • Minimum and maximum age entry is 18 and 59 years
  • Minimum premium is ¢20.00
  • Non- medical limit is GH¢ 100,000
  • Cover option can be low, medium or high


  • Life cover is paid when policyholder dies.
  • Full cash value without penalty is paid after 10 years of policy inception
  • 50% of full cash value paid once a year.
  • Paid Up - policy holder can stop pay premiums and convert to paid up assurance.
  • Cash Bonus
  • Lump sum Contribution – short term investment facility under the policy
  • Hospitalization Benefit is payable after a minimum of 3 days stay in a hospital.

Enterprise Life Lifetime Needs Plus Plan

Enterprise Life Lifetime Needs Plus Plan