Funeral Finance Plan - Unlimited


This Policy is for a whole life term. The FFP Unlimited follows our Flagship FFP and is therefore based on our Ghanaian family values and principles of caring and respect for humanity which requires a decent and dignified burial of loved ones.

The Policy pays out a lump sum ranging from GHs2,000 to GHs50,000 upon the death of Insured Lives. The Policy can cover a maximum of 12 lives and the Policyholder may cover other lives without procuring cover for him/herself. 



  • No waiting period for accidental deaths
  • Surrender value benefit
  • No Lapse /No Termination advantage
  • Two Months Premium Holiday



  • Main Benefits
  • Burial Benefit
  • 100% premium refund or full waiver of premium benefit
  • Life Swap. ( Only when main Life is covered)
  • Cash back benefit

Optional Benefits

  • Personal Accident
  • Cash Bonus
  • Double Accidental Benefit
  • 7-Day/1 week Celebration Cover
  • 40-Day Celebration