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Policy FAQs

What is the cover period of the Travel Policy?

The Travel Policy will be providing coverage to the insured within the contracted period and for traveling periods of a maximum of 92 consecutive days

Is there an age limit on the travel insurance policy?

Yes. Maximum insured age is 80 years old unless expressed in the UW conditions of the Product.

Are my kids covered?

Yes, if they have a valid travel policy.

Is there any exclusion to the policy?

Yes. Some exclusions and conditions are specific to individual sections, and General exclusions and Conditions

apply to the policy over all. Please read the policy wording carefully.

Am I covered for Diabetes treatment or other Pre-existing medical diseases?

Your Travel Assistance policy does NOT cover pre-existing medical diseases.

Am I covered for skiing or other adventure activities?

No, unless you have paid the supplement to cover “Winter Sports”, but please refer to the General exclusions within the policy document to understand what activities we do not cover or in case of any doubt you can contact the Alarm Center 24/7.

How do I get my insurance documents?

The insurance company will include a short summary of travel insurance covers along with your travel policy terms and conditions for your information.