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About Enterprise Travel Insurance


This product is designed for anyone intending to travel outside the borders of Ghana.

Travel insurance is a short-term policy that covers medical expenses and some other financial losses that could arise while you are away from home on a trip, whether it is for business or recreation.

At Enterprise, our Travel insurance is in partnership with MAPFRE, an internationally recognized insurance company with high reputation.




The Enterprise Travel Insurance policy indemnifies holders for the following;

  • International Medical and Hospitalization expenses
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Repatriation expenses
  • Compensation for Luggage incidents

The emergency numbers stated in the policy document are the first point of call for ALL claims. Once an incidence occurs (especially where medical attention is required), the first thing the insured must do is to call the emergency numbers. This will enable MAPFRE direct the client on how to obtain medical attention with minimum hassle.

If the event is such that there is no opportunity to call before accessing medical attention, the insured (or representative) is still required to call the numbers as soon as possible while still abroad.

Enterprise Travel Insurance

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