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Wo Di3 W) Mu Motor Promotion: January to June 2023

Buy or Renew your motor insurance policy and get free fuel coupons and branded gift items. In addition, you stand the chance of winning iphone 14, Front load Washing Machine, High Pressure Car Washer, Vacuum Cleaner, Auto Tire inflator and a Crotch Rocket Motor Bike in our monthly draw.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the Wodi3 W) Mu Promotion offer?

  • The Wo Di3 W) mu Motor Insurance Promotion is targeted at new & existing customers who would purchase a new motor policy or renew their existing one with Enterprise Insurance between January and June 2023. The term Wo di3 W) Mu implies everyone has a share in this promotion depending on the value of one’s premium.

  • The promo rewards are in two forms:
  1. Instant Rewards: Where customers whose motor insurance premiums are above GHS 200, qualify for an instant reward of free fuel coupons & branded gift items depending on the value of one’s premium.

    Promo runs whiles stocks last. Terms & Conditions apply.

  2. Raffle draw: There will be a monthly raffle draw where customers whose motor premiums from GHS 200 & above will qualify for both the monthly & overall raffle draw. The monthly rewards are: Iphone 14, Washing Machine, High Pressure Car Washer, Auto Tire Inflator & a vacuum cleaner. At the end of the 6 months period, there will be an ultimate winner of a Crotch Crocket Motor Bike.

    The raffle is regulated by the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) under the Caritas Lottery Platform. Terms & Conditions apply.

Who qualifies to participate in the Wodi3 W) Mu promotion?

  • Individual Customers (excluding companies or corporate bodies) whose Motor Insurance premiums, both renewals & new policies are GHS 200 & above.

  • Customers who fall within the criteria above, qualify for both the instant awards of fuel coupons & branded gift items and stand the chance of winning any of the 5 rewards in the monthly raffle draw and the ultimate Crotch Rocket Motor Bike at the end of the promotion.

Can a customer enter the raffle multiple times?

  • On a monthly basis, customers who transacted for that particular month will qualify for that particular month’s draw. For example, customers who transacted in January will qualify for the end of January draw, customers who transacted in February only will qualify for the end of February draw and so on until the end of the promotion in June. As such, if a customer should transact in more than one month, the customer stands the chance of winning in the months they transacted and qualify for the ultimate draw. 
  • However, in one month, during the draw, once a customer wins one item, they would not be able to win the other 4 rewards within that month.

If I make a claim within the period of the promotion from January to June, will it affect my chances in the raffle draw?

You still have the full chance of winning in the raffle draw.

What do I do if I want to Insure my motor policy with Enterprise?

  • You can transact with us digitally on the Enterprise Advantage App, which is available on our website: or downloaded from the Play Store or App store or reach us directly on 0302634777, 0548231149/0204954801 or send us an email via


  • You can contact your Insurance Broker, Agent or walk into any of our branches or Agency outlets to purchase or renew your motor insurance policy.