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About Enterprise Motor Insurance


The Enterprise Motor Insurance Policy is designed to take care of liabilities to third parties as well as your vehicle resulting from damage, fire, theft and body injuries in accordance with the third-party insurance Act 1958.


The Policy covers insureds under three main categories; against third party damage, third party fire and theft and comprehensive cover.

Third Party Insurable Only

The policy indemnifies you and any permitted driver in respect of your legal liability to third parties for death and bodily injury as well as claims for damage to other persons' property. The minimum limit for third-party property damage at present is GH¢5000, However this can be increased at your request. Bodily injury claims shall be calculated as directed in the National Insurance Commission’s Limits on Motor Injury and Death Claims (CAP 2021).

Third party, Fire and Theft

 In addition to the Standard cover for Third Party Motor Insurance, this policy is extended to cover Theft and Fire.


The comprehensive motor policy covers your liability to Third Parties, damage to your own vehicle, theft of vehicle and loss caused by fire.

Key Requirements

  • Vehicle’s year of manufacture
  • Vehicle’s value
  • Usage (Private, Commercial, etc.)
  • Vehicle cubic capacity

Vehicle usage (private commercial etc.)

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Enterprise Motor Insurance