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Policy FAQs

If I am a tenant, can I still take a home insurance policy?

Yes, a home insurance policy covers both the home and its contents. If you are a tenant, you can still cover the contents as long as they belong to you.

What is special about the new Home Insurance Content only package?

Different packages to suit various needs and financial standing. Packages range from as low as GH¢80.00 to GH¢630.00 depending on the needs of the customer.

Will clients have to list items to be covered?

It is easy to sign on. No need to list items. Clients have the option to list certain specific items they deem vital.

If the customer chooses not to list the items, in the event of a claim, a reasonable limit of GH¢2,000.00 per article to the tune of the sum insured, will be paid to the customer.

What if the sum insured exceeds the maximum package?

In such cases, our standard Home Insurance policy will apply.

Does it mean buildings cannot be covered under the Home Content Policy?

The proposal form gives the option to insure the building if the insured owns it. So you can go ahead and give the customer the cover they desire under the standard Home & Personal Assets (H.P.A) policy.